I’m back!

So West Coast Warzone is officially over. My baby project took a long time and a lot of work to complete but it has been completed. I lost money running the event, but clearly, I went in knowing that was going to be the case. Rofl.

I must admit, I was really surprised at the turn out. I recall telling Kai that I thought the event was going to be a complete failure, with a 100 man SF4 tournament and 15 man tournaments for the other games. We had almost 300 for SF4 which totally blew my mind. It was a weekend of incredibly hype matches and I am completely thrilled that things went as well as it did (sans delays ‘n junk).

Officially, I’m about down 10Gs, but who cares? My friends had a good time, I had a good time, and a lot of people mentioned to me that they had a good time. I anticipate losing a few Gs doing this a year, but this is a soul powered event. It’s only going to delay me in getting a house by a few years. No biggie.

Anyhow, I now have a lot more respect for tournament organizers, especially the big guy: EVO.  There is a lot that goes into hosting an event and I should be much more prepared for next year. I had a blast organizing the event and will make sure Warzone II is bigger and better than the first.

Thanks to all those who supported me. I will be revamping this site soon and providing more frequent updates as work has become much more manageable.

The Overtime…Won’t Stop

So, working in the media entertainment industry means my time is not my own. I’m moving from one project to another which means I’m still in overtime.

Luckily, I do have approved time off for EVO2009. I will be there for sure! Big updates to come! I HOPE!

So Busy

There has been a serious lack of updates. I do apologize. I have been working my ass off with overtime for the past few weeks that I have not had time to do much with anything outside of work. Devastation is this coming weekend in Arizona, and I’ll probably be working overtime. Sigh.


West Coast Warzone!!!

West Coast Warzone!!!

So I know my updates have been really sporadic, I’ve been super busy with work and working on my passion project, my out of pocket production, and I’ve finally revealed it on SRK! West Coast Warzone is going to be, what I hope, the biggest tournament in California in 2009. I’ve put a lot of time and money into this event and there’ still tons left to do, but I’m really excited.

Though I haven’t announced it on SRK, catch a sneak peak of the site I’m working on at warzonetournament.com.

The tournament has already gained some coverage at Getyourtournament.com so things are looking up! 

Read the SRK thread here:

Here’s to the future~

On a more blog’ish note, I’ll be heading to SBO qualifiers tomorrow to watch who will represent America at Tougeki ‘09. Will come back with full updates tomorrow.

Quick Update

Been missing out on a lot of Street Fighter this week as I’m starting to get swamped by work again. I’m very close to revealing my passion project. I hope it comes out well.


I literally gambled all of Memorial Day weekend starting Thursday night. I am now $700 richer, but 4 days retarded. FML.

Catching Up

I’ve had some friends I haven’t seen in a long time come over for the long weekend. It’s been good times so far. Lots of movies, good eats, and gambling. Sick. All of us are currently up and collectively I think we’re up two grand. I’m going to need money in the next few months for my special project. I think I’m very very close to securing a venue for this event. I have a website in the works and lots of calculating to do. This is going to be a ten thousand dollar project for me, but I think it will be well worth it. I think I may be ready to unveil it within in the next two weeks or so. It’s going to be great!

So the Denjin Ranking Battle should be underway. I wonder who will come out on top? Clearly not me, since I just woke up =P Good luck to those out there.

Arcade Infinity Ranking Battle 2.3

Arcade Infinity Ranbat

Arcade Infinity Ranbat

Went to the AI Ranbat today where unfortunately, I had to leave early for some family obligations. Best entry fee I’ve ever paid. At the very least, I got to play some King of Fighters XII before I got the call. I think my match was coming up soon also. Wish I got to play it out, who knows what would have happened. Well, I hope whoever had me enjoys their bye. Looks like I’ll just have to make a splash at the next one.


Me and my best friend Vanessa

Me and my best friend Vanessa

Took the night spending time with my best friend Vanessa. Vanessa and I are old college friends and it was good seeing her. We’ve both been so busy with work (and now myself with Street Fighter also) that I haven’t seen her in months. We went to Yardhouse and had dinner and drinks. It was like old times.

Tomorrow I will be doing a little shopping for an event I may throw. More details to come later if I can come through with this. Probably end up at Arcade Infinity afterwards to practice up for the tournament. My game has been pretty stagnant. Must develop my abilities.

Happy Birthday Keno!

Keno and Teresa at Keno's 21st Birthday Party

Keno and Teresa at Keno's 21st Birthday Party

Had a big celebration last night at Banana Bay for Keno’s 21st birthday. Over 35 people were in attendance and it was a night of drunken debauchery and public destruction.

The night started at Arcade Infinity where everyone tried to get in a few casual matches. It was good to see Ryan (Gootecks) and Mike Ross back from the East Coast. They have leveled up even more. Got to see a lot of faces that don’t normally show up anymore including VictheSlik and Tonycrust. It was a good time.

Around 10:00pm, we all made our way to Banana Bay for dinner and drinks. Kai and I got Keno 4 and a half Gorilla Farts. If you don’t know what a Gorilla Fart is, it’s equal parts Bacardi 151 and Wild Turkey. It smells awful and burns all the way down. If it’s your 21st birthday, then you better not remember it. It’s the code I try to live by. I doubt Keno will remember much. You will notice his eyes in the photo above has clarity and display his awareness of his surroundings. Make sure to go through the pictures in the gallery below to see when Keno is clearly not okay.

I myself had a pretty hefty amount to drink: 1x Thai Tea Twist (new favorite), 1x Vodka Tonic, 2x Kamikaze, 1x Crown and Coke, 1x Long Island Ice Tea, and 1x Jager Bomb. My headache this morning was just awful.

At some point in the night, Keno went to the restroom. The auto paper towel dispenser seemed to have been malfunctioning as waving your hand across the sensor resulted in nothing. Flustered, Keno ripped the dispenser off the wall. It seems like the logical thing to do, when you’re drunk.

All in all, it was a great time. Decent food, good drinks, great people make for a fantastic night. Unfortunately, it makes for a shitty fucken next day at work when you get home at 4:00am. C’est la vie.

Arcade Infinity Ranking Battle this Sunday. We’ll see how I do.

On to the photos!

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